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Dr. Michelle R. Hernandez

5462 Roundtree Dr. Apt. A Concord, California 94521
(925) 759-8613


 March 25, 2019


Alliant International University
California School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco, Ca.
Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology


University of California, Berkeley Extension, Berkeley, Ca.
Certificate of Achievement in the Study of Loss and Grief


John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, Ca.
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology: Specialization in Somatic Psychology


California State University, Hayward, Ca.
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration: Specialization in Law


University of California, Davis, Ca.
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Professional Work Experience:


National Disability Advocate
Travels giving presentations on a myriad of topics related to
disability. Subjects include but are not limited to: physical ,
learning , cognitive, and psychiatric disabilities. Uses interactive
and experiential exercises to engage the specific audience.
Material is enhanced by the use of digital media and design, along
with audio and visual aids. All the while focusing on the relevance
of current events through social media.


Psychological Services Center, Oakland, Ca.:

Outreach Coordinator
Used public relations skills to promote awareness of mental health issues in Alameda County. Worked directly with members of the
community to educate people and explain the importance of mental
health aspects within the elderly, disabled, and underrepresented
minority groups. Implemented support groups in various senior
centers in and surrounding Oakland, California. Collaborated with
foster youth services by appointing doctoral students to serve as
liaisons by providing psycho-educational groups to the youth.
Contracted with Center for Independent Living, Berkeley,
California, and provided mental health counseling to the homeless,
severely disabled, deaf, and psychiatric population.


Psychological Services Center, Oakland, Ca.:
2nd Half-Time Post-doctoral Intern (CAPIC Accredited)

Psychodiagnostic assessor and therapist in adult outpatient mental
health clinic. Curriculum developer for “Wellness Strategies” at
Center for Independent Living, Berkeley.

Client population served includes low SES adults in an ethnically
diverse environment, the geriatric population, and the physically

Duties include psychological assessment of parents in forensic
settings, report writing, making recommendations to Child Protective
Services, treatment planning and implementation, psychotherapy,
DSM-IV-TR diagnoses, progress reports, termination, presentations,
and didactic training participation, as well as co-leading a Support
Group for the Physically Disabled.

Theoretical orientation: psychodynamic.